Sunday, November 28, 2010


On the tail end of this Thanksgiving weekend, I am extremely thankful for family, friends, our planet, and the gifts each day brings. This of course includes Dr. Pat and the Holistic Makeover team, the opportunity for my Pay It Forward project and my journey toward health and the integration of body, mind & spirit.

I had a harrowing trip home Monday night in the ice and snow - it took me 11 hours to commute about 30 miles from Seattle to Tacoma. Left work a few minutes after 3:00 & got home 2:15 a.m. Had to go to the bathroom for 9 of those 11 hours. It took me an hour to get to I-5 and then just sat there forever. Once we finally got to the Duwamish curve, which is where all the accidents were & why they closed the freeway several times (every time they'd clear it more accidents would happen), it was so icy that even when we weren't moving & parked the car would slide.  That was a bit unsettling needless to say & so was slipping all over when they opened it up and we got to move ever so slowly. At one point the car slid sideways facing the wrong direction for moving over to the left to merge into the one lane that was open. Somehow I was able to get it righted and managed to make through the extremely treacherous part and then to continue driving home to Tacoma - very slowly on ice & snow. What an ordeal! A miracle I made it home without a dent. I had support from friends and family on Facebook, text and phone. I appreciate their good thoughts!

Thanksgiving went well – I enjoyed a good dinner with my family. Since I am on Take Shape for Life, I was careful but I didn’t deny myself everything. I had a bite or two of a couple of things but that was sufficient – satisfying without creating a feeling of deprivation or guilt. As I’ve said, I’m modifying the program occasionally to fit my lifestyle and nature – staying as close as possible to the program – which isn’t that hard to do and if I go off in any way it is generaly with healthy, wholesome foods and in small amounts. Yesterday, a couple of days Thanksgiving I weighed and am the same as I was before it. Maintaining through a long holiday weekend (including a couple of snow days) after a traumatic event equals great success for me! YAY!

I am appreciative for the opportunity to express thanksgiving and love and gratitude.

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