Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holistic Makeover - time to receive

Being part of the Dr. Pat Holistic Makeover is an absolute reflection of what Pay It Forward (PIF) is all about! We lucky winners have established PIF projects in order to give and contribute and help make the world a  or someone's life or attitude or condition better. Since we have all established and are actively pursuing our PIF, now we are abundantly receiving fabulous gifts in return. These gifts are in addition to the natural gifts received by doing a PIF - it is its own reward. These gifts are a huge bonus!

I am one of two to receive the Take Shape for Life program mentioned in my earlier blog (and there will be more to come on it as well) for a couple of months. The other winners are receiving a variety of coaching and help designed for them. Plus, we are all received the following amazing, fabulous, incredible boxes of love!

Organic Vapour Cosmetics - So smooth, so natural, so beautiful! I always try to wear organic makeup when I wear make up. They are so committed to the organic level that they are not offering mascara yet (almost! they are working on it!) because they cannot offer it at the minimum 70% organic.They are very willing to advise you on how to wear it and they customize the order just for you!

Resveratrol Organics - I'm feeling younger already! :) This box included a bottle of Resveratrol Cellular age-defying formula, a bottle of Resveratrol age-defying tonic (it's liquid and tastes good!) and a bottle of Merlot! What could be better than this?! I just noticed that the packages are spelled Resveratrol and the web site is reserveage - so not sure which is the correct spelling but regardless it's a winner!

A box of books! What a great collection to add to anyone's library!
Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar by Jeffrey Armstron
The Spirit Whisperer by John Holland
The Circle (A guide for the Inner Explorer) by D.R. Taylor
Stop Pain by Vijay Vad, M.D.
Living with Certainty by Kristi LeBlanc
Reluctant Pilgrim by Enuma Okoro
The Fifth Agreement by don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz
The Miracle Dogs of Portugal by Tracy Aiello

And a box of goodies! I'll list all of the contents soon!

Be sure to become one of Dr Pat's transformational Pay It Forward Angels! See - become part of a great community and receive some fabulous free gifts yourself! It is a call for connection and simply by signing up you will have access to many wonderful surprises!

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